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HELM Course Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Here you will find all the answers to your questions regarding the human element and leadership course

Who has to do Human element leadership and management training?

All officers on-board merchant vessels 500 gt and above have to do HELM training.

What are the 2 levels of Human element leadership and management course?

Operational Level and Management level - HELM course

Who has to do operational level HELM Training?

All officers engine as well as deck who are attaining their first COC. Electro technical officers also have to undergo the operational level helm course.




Who has to do ​Management Level HELM course?

Master, Mate, Chief Engineer and 2nd engineer will have to do the HELM training management level.


Do you need to do standalone HELM course or the HELM course can be a part of main curriculum?

If you have done a curriculum which includes the syllabus of HELM course then you don't have to do the standalone HELM training course.


What is the cut off date?

If you are applying for any NEW COC after 31st August 2013 or revalidating your coc with alternative route(not usual sea service route) after 31st December 2016 MCA would require proof of approved HELM course appropriate to your level.


What if I apply for COC before 31st August 2013?

If you are applying for any COC before 31st August 2013 then you are excempted till July 2017.


Human element leadership and management training

What are consequences of not having a HELM Training certificate after the regulation comes into force?

1. You will not be able to apply for any new COC.

2. You will not be able to re- validate your COC if revalidating through alternative route rather than usual sea service route

3. Possible non conformance being issued to the vessel


© 2013 by Glasgow Maritime Academy LLP. All rights reserved. HELM training. 

The new MIN 455 (M) was issued on the 8th April 2013 and provides advice and guidance regarding the introduction of the mandatory Human Element, Leadership and Management Training (HELM).
The Marine Information Notice (MIN) has the following impact on deck and engineering officers:

Existing deck officers, Masters and Chief Engineers who revalidate their existing Certificate of Competency (CoC) do not have to undertake any additional training, even after 31 December 2016.
If you are following an MNTB approved officer training scheme leading to the issue of an Officer of the Watch, Engineer Officer of the Watch or Electro-Technical Officer CoC then no additional training is required.
You will have to undertake HELM(O) if you are not following an MNTB approved officer trainee scheme and are applying for a CoC at operational level after 31 August 2013. Examples hereof are candidates following routes such as 'experienced seafarer', engineer apprenticeship entry, yacht certification or Royal Navy transfer.
You will have to undertake HELM(M) if you are applying for one of the following CoC after 31 August 2013:
Master and Chief Officer, Reg. II/2 (unrestricted);
Chief and Second Engineer Reg. III/2 (unrestricted);
Chief and Second Engineer Reg. III/3 (unrestricted);
Master and Chief Officer, Reg. II/2 (limited to Standby, Seismic Survey and Oceanographic Research Vessels);
Chief Engineer Reg. III/2 (limited to Standby, Seismic Survey and Oceanographic Research Vessels).
Master and Chief Mate (Yachts, Less Than 3,000GT),
Yacht Engineer Y2 and Y1 (<9,000kW).

A comprehensive review of the 1978 STCW Convention culminated in a Conference of Parties to the STCW Convention, held in Manila, in June 2010. This Conference adopted a significant number of amendments to the STCW Convention and STCW Code. Amongst the amendments was the requirement to introduce mandatory training in resource  management, leadership and teamworking skills at operational level, and leadership and managerial skills at management levels. This Note provides advice and guidance regarding implementation of this requirement for candidates for United Kingdom Certificates of Competency, and for training providers seeking MCA approval of education and training programmes.

Download the MIN 455 here for more information    download more information on safety or just culture on ships

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